Monday, 3 October 2016

On Limping and Not Looking Little.

Today having been another uneventful one – apart from the fact that my visit to Uttoxeter was uncomfortable because the latest antibiotic is failing in its duty and even limping was painful – I thought I’d post another picture. It’s notable only for the fact that it's another one in which I’m taller than the two women (and I do so like ménage-a-trois pictures in which I’m the tallest.) I suppose it’s also mildly educational in that it’s a picture of a typical English country lane, and people who come from places which don’t have such lanes might succumb to a touch of envy.

This one is more interesting because it’s got Penny le Pooch in the foreground and Stokesay Castle in the background:

Stokesay was never actually a castle as such, even though it was built in the 12th century when proper castle building was de rigueur. It’s actually a fortified manor house, but I suppose Stokesay Fortified Manor House would cost more in ink when it was included in books and tourist publications. Here’s a better one I picked up from Wiki, taken from the other side and showing the graveyard, just in case any odd PhD archaeology student from America should happen to pass this way.

So should I say who the Chinese lady is? I don't think I should without her express permission, and we're not really in contact at the moment. I'll give you a clue, though: it isn't Tiger Lily.

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