Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Be Careful What You Will.

There are those who say that you can get anything you want if you will it hard enough. They call it ‘manifesting.’

Well, back in my early twenties I knew a white witch. (They’re commoner than most people realise, it’s just that they generally don’t declare themselves except to those they trust to be broadminded enough to accept them without judgement.) Anyway, she told me a story about how she manifested just the right amount of money to serve a pressing need, and then suffered some unlikely bad luck shortly afterwards.

She said this was because when you manifest something, you are using psychic energy to subvert the natural flow of Determinism and it has to be paid for – balanced, if you like – with some proportionate negative fortune not of your choosing. She advised me never to do it.

Many years later there was something I desperately desired, and so I ignored the warning and used a manifesting technique. I did it for about a month, at which point the object of my desire leapt into my life suddenly and against the run of all reasonable probability. I enjoyed the fruit of my efforts for a while and then lost it again, after which my life went steadily downhill.

Coincidence? Probably.

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