Wednesday, 29 June 2016

The Other N Word.

I gather there’s been an upsurge in racist abuse since the Brexit vote. Polish people, for example, have been finding anonymous pieces of paper pushed through their doors saying Go home Polish scum. It reminds me of the notices which boarding house landlords and ladies used to display in their windows saying No dogs. No Blacks. No Irish.

This is partly why I’m struggling with the concept of being British at the moment; I simply don’t want to share my sense of tribal identity with people of that ilk. And maybe it’s why I pay far more heed to a person’s qualities than the country from which they hail.

So would it be perverse of me to admit liking a placard being held by a woman at a protest meeting? It said:

No Borders
No Boris

Seems I’m not perfect yet (but I still very much like the placard.)

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