Saturday, 18 June 2016

Glitches and Pics.

The past few days have been glitch-ridden: Blogger, the new printer, the scanner on the new printer, YouTube, life…

Blogger kept me up until 4 am two nights ago, trying unsuccessfully to make a simple text post. By then I was ready to believe that some guardian angel was telling me something:

Don’t make that fuckin’ post, ya dummy.

I don’t know what was so controversial about it, but I assumed that guardian angels know better than mere aliens so the post got scrapped.

Tonight it was the printer and scanner. The printer still has an issue despite much fractious correspondence with Epson Support, but at least the scanner found its own salvation with a little perseverance from me. I also learned a few interesting things about how different scan settings respond to different source media, so I suppose I should be glad of the glitch.

So guess what: more pics on the way. I wanted to post a good selection of the postcards which some of my pictures ended up as, but I could only find a few. I’ve no idea what happened to the rest; I expect they disappeared into another dimension like that grey sock that went missing once. (It amuses me to think that the ‘me’ in another dimension is still scratching his head, wondering how he managed to acquire three grey socks when there was once a conventional pair.)

Anyway, here’s a few of the few, and do tell me if my pictures are becoming tedious. It won’t make any difference since it’s my blog and I can post whatever I like. I’ll be mildly offended, but that needn’t concern you.

 View west from Catbells, Lake District.
Sorry about the poor quality. It's been on my
pinboard for ten years and has faded badly.
The interesting thing about this, though, is
that it became a collector's item. I found  one
for sale on eBay once. Don't ask me why.

 Ullswater, Lake District.
This has also been on my pinboard for ten years,
hence all the fade and horrible marks. But 
you get the gist...

 High in the Cheviots, Scottish Borders.
This was wild country back in the day, a range
of hills straddling the England/Scotland
border, where the Border Reivers recognised 
no allegiance to any country or anybody's law. 
They believed in nothing but having fun
robbing and fighting each other.

 Derwentwater, Lake District.

 The Coquet Valley in the foothills of
the Cheviots on the Northumberland side.
More Border Reiver country, and the  setting 
for my story The Rain Maiden.

 Druridge Bay, Northumberland.
Not the best of pictures, but it's where I
used to live. My house was behind the
humpity bit at the far end of the dunes.

 St Mary's Rock lighthouse, Tyne & Wear,
I had the camera on a tripod and took a shot 
every ten minutes as the sun sank behind me
and the eastern sky darkened over the North Sea.
This was the last exposure before the sun set.

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