Saturday, 25 June 2016


I found some of those commercial postcards I thought I’d lost, and scanned a selection. The problem I’m finding is that, whatever scanner setting I use, most of them are producing poor results, having various types of optical aberrations spoiling the image. This is a typical example:

What are all those pink bars going diagonally across it? Maybe some knowledgeable person might enlighten me. I assume it has something to do with the method by which different publishers have them printed, but I have little knowledge of commercial printing methods and how they might cause conflicts with scanner technology. Some are worse than others and have been discarded, but these are a few that aren’t too bad.

Warkworth Castle, Northumberland.
It was used in the first season of Blackadder, 
and I believe some scenes in the Harry Potter
movies were filmed there. And there's that water
prominent in the foreground again, as noted in
an earlier post.

Tynemouth Castle, Tyne & Wear. There's a
ruined abbey behind it which is probably even
more impressive.

Hadrian's Wall in the snow. Shortly after taking
this picture I sank up to my thighs in deep snow.
I think I found it funny at the time, but it was
still a struggle to get out.

One of the classic views of Ullswater in the 
Lake District. The Lake District has a compelling
sense of something in the air which I've never felt
anywhere else. Oddly, I always felt that sunshine
tended to dissipate it.

Not a postcard at all, but one of
those greetings cards you get with 
gift vouchers. I'm including it
because I think it's the only time I
ever took a picture at sunrise. I've
always been a night owl, and I 
wasn't about to break the habit of 
a lifetime merely for the sake of
taking pictures. My loss I suppose.

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