Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Farage: I Told You So.

What was I saying the other day about Farage and Johnson gloating because they’ve taken revenge on those of us who have – with complete justification – been laughing at them for years? In the European Parliament today, Farage’s bleat was ‘You’re not laughing now.’

It seems to me that Farage is no statesman. It could be argued that he isn’t even a proper politician, since the party he leads is depressingly one-dimensional in terms of policy: Britain is superior and should stand aloof, unpolluted by foreigners. It seems to me that Farage is a small minded bigot whose only real personal agenda is the inflation of the Farage ego. If I’m right, it would suggest that he might be a tad emotionally insecure, since that would explain his need for vengeance. It also raises the question of whether he really cares about Britain, or whether his underlying aim is simply to achieve some semblance of power and appear important.

I can’t know this, of course, since I don’t know the man personally, but the evidence would appear to err on the side of my suspicions. And maybe the same could be said of most, if not all, ambitious politicians. So should I care? I’m trying not to.

I don’t know what the Johnson has been saying today. If I find out I might have a rant about it later.

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