Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Pictures of My Good Old Days.

I'm still inclined to play with my new toy - the scanner - so have some more pictures:

This is my beautiful dog, Em, who I loved to distraction but who died at age 4 with a tumour:

This her doing a handbrake turn in a recently mown cornfield:

And these are her paw prints in the snow around the local church:

This is the bloke she had to put up with (my Hagrid incarnation.)

And this is the woman who had to put up with the same bloke at around the same time (the wife, you know...):

(All pictures mine.)


Madeline said...

That's a nice looking dog. Border collie? Fancy camera too.

JJ Beazley said...

Border collie indeed, and the loveliest one I've ever seen. There was a curiously un-canine elegance about her whenever she was at rest, whatever position she assumed.

That's a 5x4 view camera (5"x4" negatives for very high resolution when printed) which I hardly ever used. It was designed for studio use - portable ones are made of wood and are much lighter. I bought it when I was coming to the end of my amateur studio period and moving into the pro landscape stuff. Imagine trying to carry that lot in a case up a mountain!