Wednesday, 22 June 2016

On the Goddess's Favour and Other Notes.

Yesterday was quite an extraordinary day. Mix the magic of the Midsummer Night moths with some marvellously convivial missives from the priestess, add in several other seemingly significant coincidences around the theme of positive feminine connection, and voila: it truly began to feel that the Divine Feminine – blessings be upon Her and Her many cultural representations – was finally back on my side after a long leave of absence.

And then today, I was walking past Sainsbury’s when I heard a woman’s voice call out: ‘Hi, Jeff.’ I turned to see a woman staring at me quite intensely. ‘Oh, hello,’ I replied. ‘Sorry. I was miles away.’ She walked away like somebody in a dream, and I haven’t a clue who she was.

A little while later another woman, who lives in the Shire, offered me a lift home when she mistakenly thought I was waiting for a taxi. I was, in fact, having a quick smoke before going back to the car, but it was still an offer I’ve never had before.

*  *  *

On a completely unrelated note (apart from the fact that it happened while I was having the quick smoke), there was a tiny female Chihuahua secured to the dog bar outside Sainsbury’s front doors. It was shivering, as Chihuahuas are wont to do. A couple of teenage boys were walking past wearing school uniforms, and one of them said ‘Ahhh…’ when he saw the dog. I thought that was rather nice because, let’s face it, teenage boys don’t have much of a reputation, do they, mostly owing to their generally being spotty, gauche, and given to tittering at unfunny things. He bent down to pet the dog, which leapt up and bit his finger. That was today’s funny occurrence, and clearly suggestive of a wink from the Goddess. (So maybe it wasn’t so unrelated after all.)

*  *  *

But on a definitely unrelated note, I thought I’d mention again that I have a ‘thing’ about tree roots, especially ones with moss on them. I ponder the issue of mortality a lot, and I find it oddly comforting that mature trees were here long before I was and, assuming those-who-know-not-what-they-do leave them alone, will still be here long after I’ve gone. It goes some way to assuring me that this planet isn’t such a damn stupid place after all. It’s mostly humans who give that impression. Here are some tree roots I saw in Scotland once. I do hope they’re still there.

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