Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Themes and the Hat Question.

Have you noticed that there are two recurring themes on this blog? Dogs and women. You rarely hear me talk about men and cats, do you? (I suppose it’s because I never had much fun with men and cats.) So wouldn’t you think I’m just the right sort of person to have a wife and a dog? Oddly enough, I’m not.

Today I made a little throwaway dog post, so now I’m going to make a little throwaway woman post.

There’s a young woman assistant in the bakeshop whose name is Poppy. That’s a very unusual name in Britain, but it suits her perfectly because she has just the right combination of fragility and expansiveness. I was going to tell her so today if she’d served me, but she didn’t – which is probably just as well because the odd ramblings of eccentric observer types can be so easily misunderstood. It’s occurred to me more than once that my path through life might be greatly eased if I had Mostly Harmless tattooed on my forehead, but there’s the hat to be considered.

Which reminds me: I feel the urge to re-vamp my headgear. This is the sort I wear at the moment:

And this the shortlist for final consideration:

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