Monday, 25 April 2016

Being Past it in Japan.

The girl I met in Tokyo 
Said ‘Would you like a ride?’

I said ‘I’m rather broke, you know
And then there’s this beside:

I’m not as young as once I was
My hour is getting late

I think you should take up your wares
And seek a fresher date’

It’s all lies. I’ve never been to Tokyo, although I've always had a yen (sorry) to visit rural Japan. Three people who’ve spent time there tell me that it’s a very beautiful country, and I gather the Japanese have great respect for reserve, quietness and the sanctity of other people’s space. That would suit me nicely.

And I remain intrigued that somebody from Japan continues to read the same two stories, as I mentioned in an earlier post. What can it mean? Might I one day see a version of both translated into Japanese horror stories on YouTube? That would be fun. And if you read this, esteemed Japanese person, please don’t worry about copyright. I don’t. I happen to believe that stories live best when they are freely repeated.

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