Saturday, 2 April 2016

A Recluse's View on Looks.

I’ve noticed that nearly all dogs are good looking. So are nearly all cats, squirrels, badgers, rabbits, hedgehogs, cows, sheep, orang-utans, lemurs, bears (especially so), Golden Lion Tamarin monkeys etc, etc. In fact, animals just are good looking.

And yet I’ve been noticing more and more lately that most humans are anything but good looking. So if the animals can do it, why can’t we?

I met a handsome young cow this afternoon. He came across to the hedge that separates his field from the track that runs down by the side of the wood where I was.  I couldn’t get close because there was a ditch between the track and the field, but I talked and he listened. At least, I think he was listening. He looked attentive (and peaceful and not unaware of finer values) and I think we made a connection. I like that.

(Trees are also good looking. There are five in the Shire that particularly impress me. I’m wondering whether to give them names, but that might be going just a little too far. I don’t want to offend them.)

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