Saturday, 9 April 2016

Dodging the Rubber Bullet.

A few nights ago I listened to some ‘music’ on YouTube that I didn’t rate very highly. Being in a tetchy mood and thoroughly irritated by the laughable plaudits being heaped upon what was little more than New Age candyfloss, I offered a comment of my own. It began ‘For me, this music has no merit whatsoever,’ and then continued with a hatchet job which I admit might have been a little over the top. I’ve been expecting incoming fire of the most hysterical kind ever since, and tonight I got a reply. It came from a man with a Spanish name and said:


OK? Is that it? Having no Spanish, I’m tempted to wonder whether ‘Ok’ is Iberian internet shorthand for ‘May the Devil roast your most private parts and consume them in a taco with a green salad and lashings of mayonnaise.’ Otherwise, it’s not exactly being hailed on with bananas, is it? Must try harder.

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