Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Indulging Ms April.

It hailed a lot in Ashbourne today. A Lot. Frequently and heavily. The steel roof of the store on the retail park seemed to be hosting an orchestra of kids with tin drums, which I suppose is why shoppers were looking up in awe and exclaiming ‘Oooooo… listen at that.’ (‘Listen at’ is a local colloquialism – something to do with 9th century Danes who proliferated and pillaged in these parts, I expect.)

The hail it was a-hailing
On road and roof and railing
While flood fanatics trimmed their arks
In readiness for sailing


It was, of course, the work of our favourite British strumpet, dear April, who struts her capricious nature quite shamelessly when the mood takes her. For the past several days she’s been wearing one of her more attractive spring outfits, but today she decided she wanted to be a scarf and woolly hat girl again. And tomorrow she might break out the bikini and smile a summer smile. We never know; we’re used to her changeable nature. Visitors are advised to wait until May takes the helm.

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