Sunday, 10 April 2016

Sensing the Mockery of Ancestors.

Here’s another ad that’s caught my attention for all the wrong reasons:

Find out? Find out what? Do I need to explain that the only thing you stand any chance of finding out is the opinion – authoritative or otherwise – of some self-styled pundit who can say whatever he likes without fear of contradiction? That puts it in the same bracket as astrology phone lines which charge £1.50 a minute to be told what the future probably doesn’t hold for you Sagittarians out there.

So tell me, is there anybody, anybody, anywhere on the planet who is dumb enough to click the Find Out Now button? Please tell me there isn't, but I bet you'd be wrong.

You know, if ever there was an age for revealing the unbelievably stupid side of human nature, the technological age has to be it. Graveyards all over the world must be shuddering with the silent laughter of our ancestors.

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