Wednesday, 21 January 2015

YouTube and the Wealth Mystery.

Those adverts which belt your eardrums at the beginning of YouTube tracks seem to be almost entirely aimed at mentally deficient teenage boys. They have the defining characteristics – loud and inane.

What’s interesting is that you’d expect the advertisers to aim their effluent at that section of the market where the money is, so one must assume that the money is mostly in the pockets of mentally deficient teenage boys. Strange, but nothing about the human condition or the state of western culture shocks me any more. I came to the regrettable but inevitable conclusion a long time ago that the majority of human beings are pretty crap, and that includes me. (I lay claim to the fact that I’m pretty crap in a different way than most human beings, but also accept that it’s no excuse.)

By way of an odd contrast, it was reported today that nearly half the world’s wealth is owned by 1% of the world’s population. I doubt that many of this elite band are mentally deficient teenage boys, although they might well be mentally challenged in a variety of other ways. That's the mystery.

Meanwhile, I should imagine that a similar statistic probably held true during the Middle Ages. Haven’t we come a long way in 600 years?

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