Sunday, 25 January 2015

A Message from Oz.

The dream was more vivid and rational than dreams usually are. I was in the toilet block of a school or university – I assume the latter because there were young adults of both sexes milling about. There were no doors on the cubicles; people were wandering back and forth in a sordid free-for-all, looking for one that was unoccupied. There was evidence of bodily functions on the floor, along with pieces of soiled toilet paper. The stench was so thick that it was almost palpable. I left.

When I walked into the light of a sunny day I encountered a young man of friendly disposition. He suggested that I should consider being a teacher in my next life.

The message seemed clear enough on waking:

If you come into, or even observe, my reality, you will be crossing a line and entering a territory in which neither your standards nor your value system can apply. You would be well advised to stay away.

Got it. Thanks.

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