Tuesday, 6 January 2015

On Minds and Oz Post Mortem.

Vis-à-vis the previous post and the question of defining ‘good mind.’

A few days ago I remembered something a woman said to me and thought it would make a good post for a change. When I came to write it, however, not only had I forgotten what she said, I’d even forgotten who she was. What sort of a mind is that?

*  *  *

Oh, but I do so want to make a post about Australia. I have an emotional connection with the place, you see, and I’m always keen to talk about places with which I have an emotional connection. I can’t, of course, because I’ve never been there. My impressions of Australia are based entirely, and inadequately, on:

1. General facts which are a matter of common knowledge.

2. The image which – wittingly or unwittingly – it projects of itself.

3. Things Aussies have told me about it.

Not good enough, but I tell you what. One of the first places I intend to visit after I die is Sydney (to sort out a red dress for somebody) so I’ll take a butchers and find a competent medium to write it up for me. How’s that?

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