Sunday, 18 January 2015

American Heroes Hollywood Style.

I wish Hollywood wouldn’t do this sort of thing.

I watched a bit of Armageddon. It was pretty poor right up to the point where the eyes of the world were locked onto their TV sets, watching the boys in Stars and Stripes crossing the concrete on their way to saving the world (and not for the first time.) And then it got worse. The S&S boys were walking striding in slow motion, presumably to protract the heroic moment. They were doing the laid-back-but-transparently-heroic smiles, just as real heroes don’t. The music was trying to sound heroic, but failing dismally. Yet still the lower tiers of humanity (aka the rest of the world) watched with fearful but hopeful eyes. If the S&S boys can’t crack the asteroid before it gets too close to our beautiful planet, nobody can. That’s what America is here for.

I turned it off at that point, so I don’t know whether the S&S boys were successful or not. Frankly, I no longer cared.

This isn’t an anti-American post. This is a pro-American post. Over the past few years I’ve encountered some seriously splendid Americans. Films like this embarrass me on their behalf.

That’s why I wish Hollywood wouldn’t do this sort of thing.

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