Saturday, 10 January 2015

Death and the Maidens.

A few years ago I wrote a couple of pieces of flash fiction and posted them to the blog. The point about flash fiction is that it should tell a complete story in a specified small number of words. I went for the 100 words category last time; this time I thought I’d try 50.

*  *  *

‘Who are you?’ asked Peter of the wraith standing at the foot of the bed.


‘But who were you in life?’


‘All right, so what was your name?’


‘Same as mine.’

‘Quite so.’

It was five days before the alarm was raised and they found the body.

*  *  *

The posts are becoming obsessed with women and death lately. It started even before I discovered Lady Gaga and the capacity for magnanimity.

(I avoided making the post about what’s missing in the appeal of Lady Gaga. It was too obvious and would have put me back to where I was about three years ago.)

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