Thursday, 17 April 2014

The Loony Right.

It seems that some Tory minister is proposing sending a letter to all people approaching retirement age, advising them on how long they’re likely to live based on such things as where they live, whether they smoke etc. He says it’s because retired people tend to underestimate how far away the wooden box is, and consequently run out of savings before it no longer matters.

I needn’t indulge in lengthy comment, need I? (Although I’m curious to know how they propose finding out whether people smoke or not. What else do they know about us? How many rolls of toilet paper we buy every year?)

The simple fact is that not only is this an obscene form of Nanny State-ism and an insult to the British people, it’s also the crassest thing yet to come out of this brain dead bunch of buffoons currently sitting on the government benches at Westminster. And they’re running our bloody country.

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