Thursday, 17 April 2014

More Ashbourne Oddments.

Sainsbury’s in Ashbourne today had litre bottles of Whyte & Mackay at £15, and 500ml bottles of Spitfire Ale at £1. That means you could get something for £16 which would normally cost £23.99, which made today – in my jaundiced opinion – something approaching a Good Day. And I wondered whether some brewery in Munich makes an ME109 Ale. Doesn’t have quite the same ring, does it?

(The Spitfire Ale is currently going down nicely, but I’ll avoid the obvious joke.)

And I’ll tell you something odd about Ashbourne today. I went into the same shop where I heard Doris Day singing Move Over Darling last week, and the same song came on again when I was at the very same point in my circumnavigation. Such things make you feel there’s some meaning to be taken, don’t they, but I never know what it is.

And I saw HT54’s younger sister in Sainsbury’s car park. Same British racing green, same white roof. BJ05. It was empty and didn’t wave.

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