Monday, 21 April 2014

Missing the Point.

I just found a new Chinese dance on YouTube that took my fancy. I’m not going to post it because I don’t need to; the fact is that it’s a masterpiece of grace, elegance, strength, suppleness and co-ordination, both individually and as a group. More than that, the choreographer’s art is to say, through the medium of physical movement, something meaningful about life and/or the human condition. That’s why dance can evoke such a strong emotional reaction in those aware enough to take the message, be it the intended one or one they’ve created for themselves – I doubt it matters which.

And what’s the first English language comment I read?

They all look like pretty flowers :)

I mean, why bother?

I’m being curmudgeonly, aren’t I? I am. Sorry. The priestess is unhappy in Italy and it’s best that I don’t care. Time to exercise finger and thumb on that wonder of modern technology, the screw thread. If it proves too much, I’ll get the Tiger Balm out.

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