Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Beltane Eve Sights.

The Beltane Eve fire was a special one this year, partly because I had more wood so it went on longer, but also because it treated me to a couple of unusual experiences.

I lit it a bit further down the garden than I usually do in order to put maximum distance between the fire and the growing things. It meant I was walled in on three sides by tall hedges and shrubs, which made the near environment feel like a natural temple. Or I suppose ‘grove’ would be more appropriate in the circumstances. It also meant that the fire was much closer to the apple tree, which is particularly heavy with blossom this year and the flowers are more advanced than they usually are at the end of April. It made a pretty sight. We’re used to thinking of lights on a Christmas tree being spectacular, but seeing those masses of marbled white and pink flowers being lit by the glow of a fire is every bit as good.

There were some unexplained lights. First I saw a flashing blue one which appeared to be on the lane, although there was no sound of a vehicle, not even the swish of bicycle wheels. Then there was a big flash of orange light in the branches of the sycamore tree growing just across the road. And then, most spectacular of all, a big ball of blue light appeared in the darkness, a little way below the western horizon. It was an odd blue – a sort of petrol blue – which rose to a high intensity, then faded again over the space of a few seconds. What these lights were, whether they had any form of existence outside my head, and whether they were in any way connected with my fire, I have no idea.

Anyway, Happy Beltane to anybody who's interested.


Anthropomorphica said...

A most Happy Beltane to you too Jeff.
I do enjoy your fire stories and the bird tales too, of course.
It makes me wonder who it is that is visiting you, though I suspect the Wee Folk, they do seem drawn to you...

JJ Beazley said...

There's a fledgling female blackbird who is behaving oddly. She seems to want to hang around the house all the time. Do you remember the story of that brave lady who died during the wet summer a couple of years ago? I wonder whether she's come back.

And I also wonder whether it's the wee folk who are playing games with two of my bears. They keep getting moved - only a little, but enough to see that they've definitely moved.