Friday, 11 November 2016

Tonight's Notable Discovery...

... spinach and coleslaw sandwiches.

I was a little peckish earlier so I went to the fridge seeking inspiration. I discovered that I was a little oversubscribed in the baby leaf spinach department and there was some coleslaw that needed eating up, so I put the two together on a slice of buttered stoneground wholemeal bread and took the dip into the unknown.

It was quite splendid. Admittedly, the subtle taste of the spinach was lost to the much stronger taste of the coleslaw, but that didn’t matter. The combined textures of soft bread, crunchy coleslaw and chewy spinach were a delight to the teeth, the tongue and the taste buds.

So here we are again finding such pleasure in something so simple (and cheap.) I’ll think of it as Manna from the God of Small Things, and next time I’ll probably add a little pepper.

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