Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Attempting a Remedy.

I went upstairs at about 11 o’clock tonight and was astonished at the intensity of the cold in the bathroom and my bedroom. In the ten years I’ve lived here, including through some pretty cold winters, I never remember quite such a level of frigid intensity before.

‘Is it me or is it astonishingly cold up here?’ I asked myself.

‘It’s probably you,’ I replied.

‘Could it be paranormal activity?’

‘Grow up.’

And to make matters worse, I’ve had sore sinuses all evening because the weather has turned from cold and dry to cold and wet and that sort of thing always makes my sinuses sore.

And the water supply has gone off because they’re working on the mains, but we were warned so I suppose I can’t complain.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t be in a bad mood, and so I am. And that’s why I’m now going to listen to a Chinese lady called Zhao Cong playing a plaintive air on her pipa and hope that when I go to bed I can dream of goldfish and tea ceremonies (and the scent of peach blossom being brought up on warm summer breezes from Guandong Province.) If I’m still in a bad mood tomorrow, I might not bother to say.

You can listen along with me if you like. Please declare the content of your subsequent dreams in the comments.

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