Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Little Nigel Gets Petulant.

Donald Trump says that he would be in favour of Nigel Farage being made British Ambassador to the US.

The British Government’s response may be paraphrased as: ‘We’ll make our own choice, if you don’t mind. We don’t need your advice.’

Nigel Farage’s response to the government’s coolness on the issue was to become petulant as usual. His response may be paraphrased as: ‘You’re only doing this because you don’t like me. You’re letting your dislike of me take precedence over the national interest.’

So could somebody please tell me:

1. Why would Donald Trump want some insignificant little has-been like Nigel Farage to become British Ambassador to his country, unless it’s to give the phrase ‘America’s poodle’ some small basis in fact?

2. Why would some insignificant little has-been like Nigel Farage think it would be in the national interest for him to get the job, unless he considers the prospect of having a warm kennel ever at his disposal at the back of the White House to be sufficient justification for indulging in the most absurd of delusions?

So would somebody skilled in the use of Photoshop please dress these two in Laurel and Hardy gear and publish the result far and wide. (You might have to get the BBC’s permission. I expect the copyright is theirs, but I suspect they’d get the joke and wouldn’t mind.)

*  *  *

And while I’m reluctantly engaged with the subject of Trump yet again, I read today of the ongoing hostility in New York to his hollow victory. They’re not very enthusiastic, are they? It seems to me that NYC is giving some credibility to America’s jaded reputation all on its own. Broad shoulders, indeed. Dare I say I love this town?

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