Wednesday, 2 November 2016

The Tabloid Subtext.

The front page of today’s Daily Mail was given over to the case of a Polish lorry driver who has been convicted of causing death by dangerous driving while using a mobile phone. It went on to say that seventeen other foreigners had been similarly convicted, and ended with: ‘The law must be strengthened!’

I agree; the law should be strengthened because using hand held mobiles while driving is dangerous and responsible for a lot of serious accidents. What concerns me is the fact that the Mail made no mention whatsoever of the disturbingly high incidence of drivers using hand held mobiles in the country generally. I see it nearly every time I go near a road because it’s very common.  Only the eighteen foreigners got mentioned, and so the subtext is obvious:

Foreigners are dangerous people who show no respect for British law and civilised values. Keep them out!

And the Bozos of Britain continue to buy it – both the principle and the so-called newspaper.

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