Wednesday, 9 November 2016

On Coffee Shops and Comestibles.

I have to find something to talk about that has nothing to do with American Presidential elections, so I thought I’d just mention the fact that the young woman in the coffee shop who used to treat me like something the cat brought in having first devoured and then regurgitated it is a lot friendlier these days. What did I do? I don’t know, but I never look a gift horse in the mouth so that’s OK.

Today she gave me a well informed explanation as to why I can have my hot chocolate hotter – although there is a limit because of the danger of burning the milk – whereas the temperature of coffee is writ in stone. I do like it when people talk intelligently and informatively about meaningful things, and the twin delights of good coffee and good hot chocolate are among the most meaningful things in my life.

And it’s often occurred to me that if I lived in a town I would probably sit in the coffee shop for an hour or so every day, probably reading a book since hardly anybody ever talks to me unless they have to. It seems to me that the coffee shop is unique among trading establishments in that they don’t mind you occupying their space for unduly long periods on the strength of one small purchase. It’s part of the ethos of coffee shops, and long may it continue. It’s just a pity that you can’t have a pack of Turkish cigarettes on the go these days and luxuriate in an atmosphere augmented by the smell of old socks, but I suppose nothing is ever perfect. And I don’t live in a town anyway, so the matter is academic.

(I wonder whether the young woman from the coffee shop would come around to my place instead, bearing a bagful of delights from the Chinese takeaway. I haven’t had water chestnuts and fried rice for a very long time, and she wouldn’t even have to talk except to mutter 'OK' when I told where the plates are kept.)


Della said...

Just checking in to see your reaction to yesterday's U.S. election results. I know, wrong post. That's because your comment is so perfectly and succinctly put, really it should stand alone. May I tweet it or pass on in Facebook? I'm often tempted to do so with your posts but feel I should ask first.

Back to Trump, I've been in shock for over 24 hours. So deeply disappointed, too. To think I once identified with the country, though that feeling has faded gradually anyway over time. How, HOW after a president like Obama, could they choose someone like this? It's really lowered the intellectual and ethical bar of American statesmanship. So embarrassing. Of course it's the education system and the frenzied, privatised media to blame in part. The latter has an entertainment feel and so they've elected a celebrity personality. I'm also wondering, like everyone here, what the consequences will be for Germany and Europe. How will Britain manage? Given its historic alliances to the U.S. and now, coming on the heels of the Brexit fiasco, I can imagine it won't be easy :(

But I won't leave on that note. Those were very nice thoughts on hot chocolate and coffee shops in towns. We're always fantasizing about opening up a nice coffee shop near us--because there aren't any besides the very commercial Starbucks--just to have a nice, alternative place to chat or work.

Take care JJ & enjoy your day.

JJ Beazley said...

I constantly wondered throughout the campaign whether Americans were aware of what a Trump victory would do to their reputation in the world - or whether they cared - but I suppose media hype and general razzmatazz has more influence in the modern world. A friend of mine from Upstate NY wrote 'the line between politics and entertainment has become hopelessly blurred.' And I must admit, I assumed it was the redneck vote which won it for Trump, but I saw a headline today which said that analysis showed it was, in fact, the women's vote.

And you don't need to ask permission to whatever you want to with my posts, Della. It's a public blog. I'm gratified that you should want to share them.

Yes, you must open a coffee shop, a proper Italian one. And see whether it's possible to get aroma-of-old-socks incense to make the atmosphere authentic.

Della said...

:) Thanks re. post, I know it's public but somehow it seems polite to ask.

Re. the Trump win, apparently that the voter turnout (so far) is estimated at only 56.9%. Many people didn't like either candidate. Fair enough, but in a 2 party system you have to use your head and realize if you don't vote for the better of the two you might get stuck (and blamed) for the one who's even worse.

Going to drink coffee now.

JJ Beazley said...

I wondered whether the turnout was low, which I know was always the fear. I think Obama should have used his speech to say 'OK folks, good dress rehearsal. The real election will be on Thanksgiving. Are you ready?'

And I read that Trump says he likes Obamacare after all. Well, there you go.

Meanwhile, my YouTube recommendations are driving me silly with videos of commentators trying to explain how it happened, when I'm doing my best to FORGET that it happened.

I'm having a beer.

Della said...