Friday, 11 November 2016

Ending on a High.

An energy efficiency assessor came to my house today. He asked lots of questions and did lots of measuring and looked in the loft and took pictures on his phone (etc, etc) and eventually promised major disruption to my peace and quiet when the law changes next year. I asked him whether my house could be exempted on the grounds that caves are Acts of God, but he referred me to the small print and said that he was only doin’ ’is job, mate. That wasn’t quite how it went, but it is my interpretation of the bottom line.

And I received a communication from the local authority which demonstrated just how uncompromisingly weasly bureaucracy can be when it comes to the matter of keeping the peasants where they belong in order to keep the rich from complaining that the law of the jungle isn’t being properly observed.

And the bread which I’ve been using for years without incident suddenly started behaving very oddly when I attempted to toast it in the toaster.

And I read that Trump has changed his spots (because that’s what chameleons do at the cellular level when people start looking at them in a less-than-friendly way) on the subject of Obamacare.

And I’m finding it increasingly difficult to find people or things in which I can place my trust or good opinion.

But Sherlock went well. I started watching the complete collection tonight and it’s even better than I remember it. That was today’s high note.

*  *  *

I keep thinking I should write a major piece on the subject of The Effect of Insipient Reclusiveness on the Matter of Perception, but those who are so disposed would already know it, and those who aren’t would never understand.

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