Tuesday, 15 November 2016

A Musical Aside.

I thought I should cut down on the whingey posts a bit, so I decided to offer a haunting and unusual little music video which I discovered a couple of nights ago.

It's interesting for the mixture of styles, having been written by a Japanese man with Japanese lyrics and an indisputably Japanese background, but with a melody and lyric style based on Chinese tradition. The real surprise, though, is the voice. It's vocaloid (I had to look it up.)

This blog should have demonstrated well enough by now that I'm something of a champion of nature and naturalness, so I thought I would throw my hands up in horror at the sound of a synthesized voice. But no; surprisingly, I find it quite charming. I find the whole piece quite charming, and it's been played a lot over beer, scotch and hot buttered toast.

So who says I don't have a life? (And do I detect echoes of my next one here?) And to whom should I address a strange but meaningful email tonight?

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