Tuesday, 16 February 2016

The Wealth:Experience Equation.

I had three posts lined up over the past couple of days, but didn’t make them because I wasn’t in the mood for writing. And now I’ve quite forgotten what they were about. That’s the problem with being impulsive: easy come, easy go.

But today the priestess told me I should go to China. She’s right (she usually is.) I should, but there’s a barrier in three parts: penury, debt and principle. And as Spike Milligan once wrote, China’s a bloody long way!

The problem is, I’ve never been a seeker of wealth but rather a seeker of experiences, and experiences rarely pay in any currency other than their own. I always chose to do voluntary work in an environment which was conducive to my nature than paid work in an environment which wasn’t. It’s an HSP thing.

But it means that now I want the experience of witnessing Chinese culture at first hand, I can’t have it. Isn’t that ironic?

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