Thursday, 11 February 2016

Habits and Tastes.

You know, I was sitting here all poised to watch the latest Chinese dance video on YouTube - the one that blew me to the four quarters of creation and continues to have a similar effect even after quite a few watchings - when I noticed an oddity on my bank statement (it’s sitting on my desk waiting to be balanced with my own record and things…) I had to investigate, didn’t I? It’s some way past midnight, the Guinness Foreign Extra mega strong stuff is going down nicely, and here I am investigating an oddity on my bank statement.

And my last post was really serious.

Where will it end? Oh for the days of ditties…

I know, I’ll watch the dance now. And I’ll post it here just in case there’s anybody out there whose tastes are as far side as mine and would like to accompany me to the four quarters of creation. (The chorus girls are cute and doll-like, the woman in white is wild and wilful and bloody fabulous - note how she kicks the drum with her back foot - and the music is very Chinese and rather powerful.)

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