Thursday, 11 February 2016


More trouble with YouTubers. I swear some of those guys go searching language learning facilities looking for Swiss. Still, one of them did reply to one of my comments today with:


I like that sort – proves they’re on a wavelength.

And I was thinking today that if I had my time over again I would travel more in my twenties, and then become a choreographer. Movement fascinates me. Or maybe I would be a musician because music fascinates me, too. Or a writer, because words fascinate me. (Oh, I did that one. OK)

In my next life I’ll have to be a goatherd so that I can meet the priestess in the mountains as promised. Or a bandit with a heart and a bandit bandana. Or a Nepalese Mountain Frog waiting to be kissed (I made that one up. I've never actually heard of a Nepalese Mountain Frog, and I'm not sure that priestesses kiss frogs anyway.)

(Tonight’s scotch is Sainsbury’s Basics, by the way. It’s cheap and alarmingly basic.)

... or maybe a lama with a touch of cool:

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