Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Denied by Moments of Clarity.

I was going to make another post about the HSP phenomenon today. It was going to be entitled ‘Being an HSP and the Effect This Has on Conversations about the Weather.’ But then I had one of those rare moments of clarity when I realise that nobody is really interested in anything I have to say, so I didn’t.

But at least Tesco got its act sorted out over its faulty stock record vis-à-vis towels. Did I mention I had a problem in the matter of Tesco and the Charcoal Towels? I didn’t? Oh. Must have been another rare moment of clarity.

The problem is, nobody talked to me today (apart from the girl who had the courage to admit that she comes from Stoke, as do I) and nothing much happened apart from the fact that I avoided being swept into the River Dove by the near-biblical deluge, so it’s difficult to know what to write about.

I suppose I could mention my irritation at the fact that those packs of sandwiches you get in supermarkets always have egg and cress on wholemeal bread, but egg mayonnaise and egg and salad on white. I don’t like white bread, and I don’t understand why they do it. Does that save the day? OK.

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