Wednesday, 24 February 2016


Just for a laugh, you can have a look at my blog’s Pageviews-according-to Blogger-Stats for the past week.

Pathetic, isn’t it. I must be doing something right for a change.

And it’s an odd fact that when the mind is labouring through dark places, beset by doubt and confusion, it suffers the irresistible urge to bombard innocent people with streams of trivial consciousness that are rational enough in themselves, yet totally devoid of relevance to anything at all.

The Venerable Borg is currently reading Foucault’s Madness and Civilization. I would, too, if only I could find a mind to read it with.

And I got a right slapping on YouTube last night from a sassy young girl who looked to be about 12, judging by her profile pic. My reply was gentle, polite and conciliatory, which it wouldn’t have been had she been a man. Mel accused me of sexism, but I don’t think so. The creature was probably pre-pubescent and therefore a child, not a female. Besides, aren’t 12-year-old girls supposed to be given to uttering streams of consciousness that are relevant enough, but not exactly rational?

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