Thursday, 4 February 2016

Coping with the Tapestry.

Two nights ago I thought of a blog post which had me chuckling fit to shake a tooth loose, but then I had my dinner and forgot what it was about. I still don’t remember what it was about, which is a shame.

Today I bought my lottery ticket from the strange man who talks to the till while he’s operating it, as though he’s seeking either reassurance or moral support or both. The egg and cress sandwich I had for lunch contained a small fragment of eggshell which crunched when I bit it and encouraged the wish that I’d chosen cheese and red onion instead. And then the Staffordshire oatcakes I bought turned out to be a lot smaller than usual, which left me feeling cheated and burning with the intention to have words on the matter the next time I go into Sainsbury’s. But I did get a penny knocked off the price of a small D shackle I bought in the hardware shop. All in all, a day of mixed fortunes which brought the rich tapestry of life into sharp relief.

Mel told me tonight that she has evidence of having been a blue furry animal on another planet in a previous life. I had no option but to concur.

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