Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Madness and Mourning.

I just read an old post of mine from five years ago in which I first admitted the suspicion that I might be slightly mad. What a long way we do come in five years. The fact is now well established and I’ve quite forgotten what it is to be normal.

The downside of being slightly mad:
You have dreams about hallucinating.

The upside of being slightly mad:
You get to meet llamas.

Kaetlyn McCafferty, my Irish-American friend from Ohio, sent me a CD at the time called ‘Moments of Madness’ in celebration. I wonder whether there’s one called ‘Moments of Sanity.’

And I just read that Alan Rickman died a couple of weeks ago. I missed that one. ‘Cancel Christmas!’ is one of my favourite lines from a movie.

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