Saturday, 13 February 2016

Non-Mandarin Mumbles.

Low spirits tonight: circumstances, you know.

I searched YouTube for some music that would either match the mood or cure it. No joy there. Instead I found a Chinese documentary about the building of an imperial palace somewhere in China, followed by re-enactments of court protocol and suchlike with the Emperor and Empress taking centre stage.

The commentary was in Chinese (Mandarin, I assume) and it had subtitles – in Chinese (Mandarin, I assume.) Some help. But at least the date was in Roman numerals so I knew it was Tang Dynasty. That helped a bit.

It was sumptuous and I said so in a comment. There were no other comments, not even in Mandarin – which doesn’t seem right, does it? The Emperor died at the end and there followed a whole two minutes of credits in what I assumed was Mandarin. I sat through them because I’m like that. The world is a strange and disturbing shape at the moment.

*  *  *

Tonight’s beer says on the label:

… with a European combination of Slovenian hops and a unique German finish.

Sounds dubious. I think I might stop breathing for a while and see what happens.

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