Sunday, 21 February 2016

The EU Referendum in YouTube-ese.

It seems we Brits are going to get a vote on whether or not to remain in the European Union (EU.)

(I put the EU bit in because that’s what the BBC News people do. It’s completely unnecessary and a bit irritating, but I do so like to follow established Establishment norms.)

Those very BBC News people were out and about today, interviewing people about how they were likely to vote. I wish I’d been out and about and got myself interviewed because I had my response all ready. Since I didn’t, I suppose I’d better put it in writing instead, and I further suppose I ought to use an appropriate style.

Yeah mate. Out in it. Wot I think we shud do is put all these fukin foriners on a bunch of tranes goin bak to fukin frogy land and then fil in our arf of the chanal tunal with conkreet. Then we shud go to war with the frogs and crowts and ities and fukin daygos and when weev beeten them we shud nook the hole of eesten urop cuz they aint worth nowin in it. No wot I meen.

One woman who was interviewed said she was undecided because she wanted to understand the economic ramifications first. Was she kidding? This is complex High Economics we’re talking about here. Even the high economists who went to university disagree on the ramifications. Good luck, madam.

I think this is a gut feeling issue. I do, and my gut feeling says stay in. I’ve come to quite like being European, even though I had doubts at first. I’ve learned that some foreigners are nice people, and it takes me one step closer to the Daming Palace at Xi’an.

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