Thursday, 19 February 2015

Women: On Getting Wiser.

Remember me making a post recently about a young lad who asked me how to be successful with women, and I told him to make them laugh and always treat them with respect? I got it completely wrong, didn’t I? Completely. What I should have said was ‘If just being yourself doesn’t work, you shouldn’t be trying.’

See what advancing years do for you? And here’s something else they do:

I met Coco Law in Ashbourne today. Who is Coco Law? It doesn’t matter, but she’s quite delightful and her mother was a Chinese opera singer. She told me that there’s a Chinese New Year event planned in my home city on Sunday – including a dragon! (I like dragons.)

‘You should come over,’ she said. ‘I might see you there.’

Well, it sounds almost like a proposition, doesn’t it? I think I’d better decline.

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