Thursday, 26 February 2015

For the Sake of Saying Something.

I dislike going a whole day without making a post – even though I occasionally do – but the thing is this:

Today’s serious post will have to be allowed to go cold and then reviewed because I’m sure it will need further editing.

I decided not to post the ditty which rhymed ‘Coco’ with ‘joke-o’ because I knew it would be misconstrued. I thought it both funny and innocent, but I also imagined being accosted by a local farmer asking ‘I hear you’re a racist now, JJ. How did you get into that type o’ thing?’ And then I might have to cope with the mad woman going on about foreigners coming over here, taking our jobs and women and acting like they own the feckin’ place!

The only Ashbourne encounter today was too subtle to bother with. It was one of those situations characterised by repeated mutual glances, and terminated by a sense of both disappointment and self-reproach for presuming to judge others.

I suppose the dream was mildly interesting. It was about an old flame, only for the purposes of the dream she’d been re-cast as a man. What the hell does that mean? (We only talked.)

I’ve no idea, so I’m going to bed.

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