Friday, 27 February 2015

Tonight's TV Note.

I was skimming through the TV listings and came across the following:

This week’s edition of Gogglebox features (among others) ‘posh tipplers Steph and Dom, and hairdressers Christopher and Stephen, sharing (quote/unquote – I hate what modern culture has done to that once-noble verb ‘to share’) their opinions on what they’ve been watching on the TV this week.’ And all from the comfort of a sofa.

There’s a mystery here: I haven’t a clue what a ‘posh tippler’ is. It sounds as if Steph and Dom (which I assume is a diminutive of Dominique rather than Dominic judging by the five seconds I spent giving the programme a quick glance) are two erstwhile privileged kids from the Tory shires who were schooled at Roedean and now make a serious hobby of alcohol consumption in quantity. I know this isn’t very likely, but nothing about erstwhile privileged kids from the Tory shires who attended private schools would surprise me. What currently passes for a government is full of them.

My second issue would be to ask who the hell wants to hear the opinions of a few ordinary people on matters televisual.

(You’ve been known to offer the odd opinion yourself, JJ.)

Have I? Oh yes. OK, so let’s speculate:

The idea of two posh tipplers called Steph and Dom sharing a sofa with two hairdressers called Christopher and Stephen does have a certain… erm… flavour? Don’t you think? Or is it me?

*  *  *

I still haven’t made the serious post I promised. I’ve edited it many times over, but I can’t get the final sentence. Final sentences are so important.

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