Thursday, 5 February 2015

Nondescript Notes.

I haven’t made any posts for a while because I’ve had nothing to say. Whether that’s because there was nothing to say, or whether it was because I wasn’t up to the task of saying it, I’m not sure.

I thought of telling the story of The Curious Case of the Lady Dog in the Lavatory, but decided that posts set in public toilets are a little coarse. Besides, the bizarre angle on the tale would probably have to be explained, and I hate explaining things.

I also thought of making a post about the TV ad for some hair preparation which proclaims NATURAL COLOUR! and then shows a picture of a woman with lurid orange hair. Her breasts look unnaturally inflated, too, which is probably immaterial unless you’re inclined to speculate on the nature of the target audience. But I think I’ve done ads a lot lately.

And then there was the letter I came across recently when I was going through some old stuff. It was written to my mother shortly before she died, and said:

It was nice to see you last week. I’d like to come again some time. Jeffrey was taller and slimmer than I remember him. I expect my memory is at fault. I wouldn’t have recognised him, but I would recognise his voice.

No doubt it explains why I was never any good at making anonymous phone calls. (Voice? What voice?)

Anyway, if ever there’s something to say and I’m in the mood for saying it, I probably will.

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