Friday, 13 February 2015

Nearly Forgot...

…I never made the post about the mad dog I met in Ashbourne this week. She was part Springer and part Red Setter, and a complete fruitcake. I got leapt at, licked, bitten and muddied. And when I moved away to get a bit of peace she stared long and hard, demanding that I come back here immediately! Meanwhile, her Cocker Spaniel friend appeared to be more than a little put out that her pal the fruitcake was getting all the attention. That’s a shame. I have a special fondness for Cocker Spaniels.

Neither did I make the post about my new-found interest in Africa and things African. I’ve always been a South and East Asia man myself; the Dark Continent (which is probably politically incorrect) hardly made the periphery of my interest. But that’s all changed, probably as a result of several coincidental references, not least of which is reading VS Naipaul’s The Bend in the River. The narrative is of variable quality, but the evocation of just-post-colonial Africa is compelling.

Maybe I’ll make them both when I stop being too bored to bother.

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