Thursday, 12 February 2015

Being Unfit for Purpose.

I don’t know whether I’ve told this little story before, but if I have it was a long time ago. Time, tide and personnel have moved on since then so I might as well repeat it.

I was at a wedding once and a young lad of around twelve or thirteen came over and asked a question. He wanted to know how to be successful with women; he said that someone had sent him to me as the best person to ask. I was nonplussed since I’ve never been successful with women. The very concept seems tawdry since it suggests the player, and I’ve never been one of those. I never had either the looks or the throwaway attitude. I decided he’d been palmed off on me by someone who couldn’t think of an adequate reply, but I also decided that the buck might as well stop here.

‘Make them laugh and always show them full respect,’ I told him.

He smiled and went away, apparently satisfied. I do hope he didn’t become a player.

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