Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Dead Blog Night.

I set this blog aside tonight to engage in an argument on YouTube. I don’t know which is worse – those mindless, semi-literate trolls, or the people who take the position of grovelling acolyte and fill the comment boxes with the nauseatingly obsequious (and then presume to tell me I’m ‘insulting’ the singer by calling her piece ordinary.)

So did today bring anything worth writing about? Well, let’s see, it brought:

1. Car woes. My friend Mr Ford might be about to ring down the curtain.

2. A lot of time standing around getting cold and miserable.

3. A near-serious traffic accident coming out of a tunnel on the way into the city. (My judgement was inch perfect, but the guy on the inside lane screwed up. True, like it or not. Fortunately, my brakes were up to providing the remedy, and so was the car behind me. Phew.) And then there were two other close shaves caused by drivers who seemed possessed of the notion that nothing and no one else existed. They were handled with commendable circumspection and three is a good number. You feel a bit safer after the third.

4. The mysterious onset of stomach cramps while eating my lunch.

5. The resurgence of unusually severe knee pain, which eventually eased off but came back again tonight. I’ve still got it.

So I’m in a bad mood. Bye.

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