Friday, 29 November 2013

Sex and the Headlines.

The most amusing headline I saw today read:

German Policeman Eats Friend

(They changed it later to German Policeman in ‘Cannibal’ Case, which isn’t at all amusing. I don’t know why they had to change it; heaven knows we need a bit of amusement occasionally in the news headlines.)

Anyway, the story has it that a German policeman and a ‘friend’ he met through the internet had a shared predilection for sex-with-torture. One of them ended up dead, and the other ate some bits of him.

Is that a problem, as long as they were both consenting adults?

*  *  *

A more mundane story concerned the fact that the French are considering making it illegal to pay for sex, and the proposed fines for so doing are pretty substantial.

Well, I entertain the most fervent distaste for prostitution because of my personal views on the purpose and value of sex, but they’re just my business. In practical terms, I believe prostitution should be legalised because my only practical objection is that prostitutes don’t pay tax. If they did, the extra money could be used to increase state pensions and enable a few more elderly people to both eat and keep warm in the winter.

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