Sunday, 24 November 2013

Another Popular Non Sequitor.

I’ve discovered that YouTube comments can provide a rich source of outcries and asides when you’re feeling pointless and permanently stressed and there’s no room in your brain for original thought. In such circumstances you can, at least, still react. So…

I’ve noticed that a lot of iconic popular music tracks carry at least one comment that says:

The 60s was the best decade for music ever.

The 70s was the best decade for music ever.

The 80s was the best decade for music ever.

And so on.

Do they believe it? Can they not see that this is not only a matter of personal taste, but also largely a matter of personal association? Most of us have a decade that stood out in some positive way or other. For me, it was probably the 90s. And during such times we choose to listen to music that compliments the richness or excitement, or whatever it was that made it special. And then we come to permanently associate one with the other, and voila: the best decade for music ever. It’s like saying:

‘I was married to my first wife when I won £1 million on the lottery, so therefore she was the best wife a man could ever have.’

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