Sunday, 6 May 2018

Two Notes on Judgement.

I’m having trouble with somebody at the moment, someone I’ve come to refer to as ‘the goblin.’ Well, such a pejorative soubriquet is hardly edifying, is it? And so I realise that I must try harder to understand people and be less judgemental (or even not judgemental at all.) The Buddhists teach that one should develop the habit of ‘non-judgemental observation’ and that sounds like good advice to me. But does it mean that I should be non-judgemental both ways? Should I avoid praising as well as decrying? It would seem illogical to do one without the other.

And on the subject of praise, I find myself startled every year when the apple blossom breaks. I always want to make an impassioned post about its beauty, but how often should you allow yourself to say the same thing? Have a picture from Pinterest instead. This is what mine looks like at the moment:

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