Friday, 11 May 2018

On Darling Buds and a Gem.

The green growing things are running rampant in my garden this year, not least the bluebells in the semi wild part which have sprouted in at least a dozen places where they’ve never been seen before. But the nicest surprise came today.

I have a self-seeded hawthorn on the retaining embankment which runs along the top of my ground. I’ve been keeping it trimmed to the size of a shrub for the past twelve years in the hope that one day it would flower. Today I saw flower buds on it for the first time, which means that I will shortly have the delight of May blossom presenting its snowy countenance a mere ten feet from my kitchen door. Isn’t that splendid? It’s splendid.

*  *  *

And on a totally unrelated, but still positive, note, I had another example today of the NHS bending over backwards to accommodate my needs and make my life easier. The NHS really is an absolute gem, you know. When I consider the last four torturous months during which I’ve had tests, scans, procedures, a six hour operation, the dedicated care, support and attention of a whole host of doctors, nurses, administrators and ancillary staff - and all to save my insignificant little life - frankly I’m awash with amazement and gratitude. And it was all free, even the transport to and from home (once I was an inpatient) by the East Midlands Ambulance Service. I said as much to the pharmacist at my GP practice today. Isn’t that splendid? It’s splendid.

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